InSpire Solar Air Heating & Drying System

InSpire® Solar Heating System

InSpire® solar air heating systems can be used in virtually any type of buildings:

Military Installations, Government Buildings, Hospitals, Schools, Colleges & Universities,
Agricultural Facilities, Industrial Buildings, Greenhouses, and more.

InSpire Solar Heating Metal Wall Panel

InSpire Solar Heat System

Solar Air Heating – How It Works:


solar air heating schematic

:: Sunlight strikes the surface of the InSpire Wall Solar Air Heating panel, which is mounted a few inches from the building’s outer wall :: Solar heated air is drawn through perforations in the panel, into the chamber between panel and wall, and distributed through the building’s duct work

InSpire perforated aluminum or zinc panels are installed on light gauge framing mounted to a wall, creating several inches of airspace. Sunlight heats the panel causing a thin layer of warmed air to accumulate at the surface of the panel. Intake fans pull the solar heated air through the perforated panel and into the airspace. This preheated ventilation air is then distributed throughout the building via conventional HVAC systems or perforated ducts.

Summer Usage:

solar air heating summer

During the summer months the panels act as a sunscreen preventing the sunshine from striking the building wall, keeping the wall cooler. Because the building does not require heat at this time of year, the warm air enters the space behind the panel and is vented at the top by natural convection.

Night Time Usage:

solar air heating night time

During cool summer nights, the intake fan pulls outside air through the perforated wall and past the open bypass damper, bringing cooler outdoor air inside.


Solar heated air produced by the InSpire system is ducted directly to industrial or agricultural drying equipment requiring warm air.

solar air drying

More information on process drying at

Lowers heating costs by $1.50 to $5.50 per sq. ft. of panel per year

InSpire Wall applications:

Sustainable Benefits:

With InSpire® you can:

  • Save Money
  • Reduce Energy Consumption
  • Earn LEED Certification Credits
  • Improve Air Quality



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